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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  September 28, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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june, the nspector geneeal has been innestiiating... &phe's collected and reveiwed emails, purccase orders... and to the phones. ll in an effort to deterrine whether the rawlingg blake wrong. tion did anything - ((pkk))) it is a blistering report that centers around thee purchase oo more ttan a half commuttrs y the rawlings and - blake administrrtion. in it.... the inspector general prrvides evidence that hows workers within the mayor's office offinformation technology... intentionally withheld key information from high ranking embers of city &pgovernmenn.... including council president jack young. stand-upthe details contained within this almost 3 hundred page report show exactly how far certain memmers of the show exactty how ffr hundred page report within this almost stand--pyoung.stand-upthe details contained within this allost 3 undred page report show exactly how far certain members of the administration went to keep these pprchaaes quiet.on page 16....the council president is told a blantant lie after he inquiries about the pilot
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project... what he's told is no such project existsin a later emmal exchange between the head of the mayor's office of information technology writes toothe eeuty mayor.... it's revealee that fouu phones are operaaional and more will be in a matter months... this email ends saying quote " we should be done with half the city before they get around to awaading a bid. the mayor ressonded to someeof these findings this morning... 5:20:300when i rrad it iisee the fact that no laws were broken and in addition to that just about all the equipmmnt that was purchased is being used today. :40 evenso, the information technology - office missed "significant cost savingssopportunities" the rrport alsoo uncovered...serious "conflicts of interest"among private that certaan workers involved in the purchase of phones... had onnections... toothe company selling them.5:20:53 we've revamppd the mayor's office of informaaion technology from the top tt thee bottom we have new people on board were working ith the comptroller's office to move tte city forward. when i talked with the comptroller over the phone... joan pratt expressed thh samm concerns she had monthssago. (old sot with pratt 2nd pkg double and i think it's a clear abuse - of the procurement process.
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since the investigatioo began several key staff members f the mayor's office of informatiin technology ave left the office. joy lepola fox 5 news at 5:00. it's our duty to hold elected officials can waste watch.if you have a 45
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story about gooernment our hotline... can also log onto oor website fox ballimore dot com and click n waste watch. that brings us to our question of the you think the mayor'ssoffice is spending taxpayers money wisely? go to fox-baatimore dot com aad tell us what you think. you can allo sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can enter ffx455 for yes.. or - fox45b for no. 3 a mother and her 4 yeaarold son are in table conditionn tonight... after police say theyywere shot by the boy's fat. father. police arrested eric ford ssnior thursday morning. he ffces attemmted murrer charges after police say he shoo his son in the the child's ooher ried to runn from the home with her son... she was shot too..detectives suspect thisswassa case of domestic violence. prince george's county police arrest two men in thee
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murder of a young mother back antonio randall are charged pith first-degree murder inn the death of kaya wilson, who was shhttto death in hhr oxon pill apartment while her two young children hid under a bed. police believe the kklling was in retribution for another murder that the victim's boyfriend was rumored to havee been involved in. two women areedead.... killed in seperaae shhotinns in the city. tonight, the earch for the suspects. keith daniels, live in cherry hill where police say the victim was shht y a ider she picced up in the neighborhood... keith. keith. karen... we're live on reedbird avenue near....... tto women shot last night within hours of each othhr. poliie believe the woman found here.. may have wooked for a seeaa company. she told police someone she picked uu.. shot her... but iivestiiators don'' believe this was a random attack. they'rr not so sure about shooting. the other shooting.
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it happened in it happened in baltimore.... a 19-year-old woman shot in the head.was sitting in the a parked car onnsouth augustt avenue near south augusta a parked car on 3 fox 45 ews at 55hill, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5. &pfox45 has teamed up withhthe mmst popular crime mapping
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websiteeon the internet activity in your neighborhooo. you can also get emailsswhen crime happens.sign up by going to our website... fox- baltimore dot com...and click on "spotcrime""in he "hot topics" section at the top of the screen crews bbttle a three alarr hotel.youtuue video shows l. firefighters on the scene aaound 10-30 this morning at the bellevue hotel on 8th and ocean.they were called after smoke was seen billowing from closed because of structural problems. officiils saa a demolition crew was at the site wwen the fire began. no ooe was injured. 3 the ravees won a hard fought battle wiih the rowns in the rrin ast night... night..."...too ffr,,ravees win" win" final play...cleveland he quarrerback brandon weeden
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zone giving the ravens a 23-16 win...the purpll and black are 3-and-1 after the first 4 games... 3 ""back in business tonnght here in baltimore, where the amounts of love before kickoff." kickoff." meanwhile, it was a big night for the entire national football league.regular refs tipping their hats to the crowd after returning to worr thursday... for the first time in months.and from what you warm wwlcome from ffns... and players.ray lewis even pmbraced one of the refs.... the breakthrough in the laaor dispute with the nff came late wednesday night....just two days after a highly controversial all ended the and we asked you to show us your purre pride.... takk a look at this photo sent to our newsroom from elizabethh... &peven 33month-old dwayne knows &pwho's number one. and check out this little fan.... 2 year old tony thhnks he can tackle like his
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favorite player raa lewis. show us your purple can upload photos and videos to us through purple --a -fox can see those photos on our ""ee it shoot it send it" page at foxbaltimore dot com.or youu caa go to our faccbooo page.. facebooo dottcom slash foxbaatimmre... clickkon "inside fox45." the orioles maggc has been allve and well all seasso... can it spill over in the mml-b post eason?wiih less than a week left in the reguuar season....timm will tell.... &ppell....morgan adsit joins us livv now with an early lookkat heelo everrone.this pssit....6 games... 2 series. this weekend will be your final regular season look aa back home... opening uu 3 with boston. it honestly doesn't gettaay bigger than this...these final six gaaes... 3 at hooe with boston... 3 in st. pete with tampa ay....all of them will come into play... aa all of them will come inno play... as
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far as orioles' posttseason pretty... 2nd place in the -l behind the yankees.and holding down one of the two ammeican though it's been 11 years since baltimore's been in this spot...this team knows it's crunnc time... 3 the irony of tonight's atchup.tonight's matchup.and the ravens are night's game with a "w.". that's later in t camden yards, i'm morgan with lots of people heading to the o's game, how are the traafic edge repoot.t??- reportt mapmappiber- 95 at cattn avemdot- 695 belairmap new details in the search for jimmy hoffa.where a
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burried.... and what police &3 3 a fllod of 911 calls... after this was seen on the strrets of phoenix.why police are calling it a terrrr hoax. 3 "they're hurting me, i cant breatte,,i cant breathe." bbeathe." an outburst abbord an airpllne.... what cell phone video captured from thee frighteninn moments. 3 --adblib weather tz-- after several days of campaigning in the
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very same states, president obamm and mitt romney are off pn different directiins. but as craig boswell reports, their paths will soon collide when they face off ii their 3 after racking up the miles in virginia and ohio over the past few days miit romney is in pennsylvania - tte firss stop there in more than 2 months but the message reeains the same. romney ssys: agenda today ii a fundraiser
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romneeycampaign issnot runniig ads in the keystooe state but the state's republican party ad says: "i'm the pennsylvanna has not been in the op presidential column in nearly a quarter century and president obama continues to lead theee. as for the bigger picture - a new fox news pool shows f the election were hell ttday 44- percent of likely voters would biden ttcket whhle 3 suppoot the romney - paul ryan team. obama says: "the question is who's plan issbetter for yoo." campaiin cash is on president obama''sagenda today fundraisers in and around waahington.boswell says (oncam tag): "mitt romney heads to booton for a fundraiser thhs evening hen the focus turns to deeate prrps over the plso scheduled to hold debate - first of three debates is the wednesday in denver. in washington craig boswell fox news." there's a possible deeelooment in the decades-old mystery of what happened to labor strrngman jimmy hoffa. ttday, policeeare digging into
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rrmains of the teamster boss e who vanished in 1975. it comes pfter officers goo a tip that a body may have been buried there around the same time say the radar pcked up on something underneath this shed..... but the police chief is skeptical. i don't think it's mr. hoffa. it would be great if it was because i would like to bring closure to his family and the tens of thouuands teamsters that iddlize this an and just the southeast of michigan. &pthis is likk an open wound that doesn't go away. 3 detectives took soil samples from the driveway to see if there are, in fact, hhman remains there. ttst results are expecteddto be back nexttweek. a terror scare thht involved what looked like a grenade launcher.but it urns out the whole thing was a hoax. hoax.""i. i'm an independent filmmaker who wishes ooremain anonymous for reasons you will soon understand" understanddpolice ii phoenix, arizona say that filmmaker,
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michael turrey staged a fakk terrorist incident to test police response time, and made a movie bout it....... youtubeeaccorddng to police... yeaa-old relative in a sheett propelled grenade launcher, and had im wallkup and down a busy phoenix intersectionn 3 3"that's a ttrrorist incident &pbecause weedon't use grenaae launchers innthis country." country."turley faces charges of knowinggy iving a false imprrssion offa terrorist act. &pplso arrested.relative was - cell phone video captures scary momenns aboard a united airrlnes flight to california. p passenger had an ootburst after the plane tooo off from chicagg tuesday. 3 iq: ouch.... oo: i cant breathe, i cant breathe." breathe." witnnsses say the mannbegannpaccnggthe aisles, demanding alcohol and
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threatening to kill passengers. an f-b-i spokeswoman says passengers screeming in the background. he- the man was identified as 26- year-old arash durrani. he is charged with interfering with aattndants. 3 earlier we told youuabout an inspector general's report about the wayymayyr stephanie rawlings blake's officc &pphones for ity we're asking ii you think the mayor is pending taxpayers' money wisely. facebook page..."she is spending our moneyy but not wis" wiiely."and mike wwites..."about as wisely as &pthe previous mayor." almost everyone who has critical of spending in the mayor's offfce. go tt fox-baltiiore dot com and tell uu what you think. you can also sound off through facebook. send us a weet.. at foxbaatimore.. anddyou can ttxt your answer to 45203. enter fox45a ffr yes.. or fox45b for no.
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3 "we tried to stop him and talk gallop, drinking and p, riding.... why a man led police on a five hour chase.... on his horse. 3 --adblib weather tzz- a bizarre police chase n
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florida as a ddunk man rides his horse thru town for five hours. here hh is on the left side of the screen... in a full gaalop rounding the orner and down &pthe street... charles ccwart and his horse, blow through a stop sign and keep oing... police say people wuld give him stuff along thh way. for instance, at one pointthis headphones stoppeddworking so somebody gave hii earbuds. a train for the paii as they - headed toward the railroad tracks. and that's when
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and pplled his son off the horse.cowart got away again waa chased ouu byypolice k-9... 3 3 a muggy day out there .... whht'' in sttre foo this mmteorologist emily gracey for a look at he forecast. 33 coming up.... no 3 coming up.... no kids allowed.
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wwy this pizza is for adults only. whhn it comes to
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven...
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will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. pplitics... your √°beer choice√° pight actuallyyplay a role in published in "the national journal"... if you drink sam -
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drinkerr... onnthe other hand... are more likely to be democrats. bud llght fans don't lean toward either party... and the same or life. dos equis drinkers ae likely nonpartisan. itts probabby the only kind of pizza you have to e over 21 bosttn... they offerrtoppings comes topped with fresh mozzarellaaand cerries soaked in raspberry vodka. even minutes innthh oven isn't enough time to bbrn off the they card custooers who order it just to be safe. p3&too much would be like 2 to pizzzs worth. so i think you'd be retty full before you ot a buzz. &pbuzzzthe pizza place ssys the adults-only pizza has been so popular, two more versions one with kkhlua-marinated pork and another with rum-infused peaches. 3 up at a flea market... and the -
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reason she may have to ggvv ii up. 3 &p--adblib weather tz-- 3a ystery remains ovvr a faamus pieceeof artt
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stolen from the baltimore museum of art more thann &pp0-years ago! myranda stephen is hereewith where the paintinggis now... anddwhy he 18-79 painting byyfamous t an french impressionist... 1937 to 19511but no one knew it had actually been stolen a virginia woman says she ow. - bought the painting two years &pago at a flea market in west virginia - for seven bucks! she eventually took it to an &ppuction house in aaexandria.. where it was eady to go up for auction


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